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  1.  The jew's harp isn't only a musical instrument for extracting sound, but also an instrument that encapsulates the cultural heritage of the peoples of the world. A French term for Jew's Eng. Jew's harp or Eng. jaw harp; Eng. tromp; Eng. trump; Fr. guimbarde; Fr. Trompe de Bearn; Ger. Maultrommel; It. scacciapensieri; Sp. guimbarda; Sp. birimbao; Sp. arpa de boca. The Mongols name their overtone singing höömij (= throat, pharynx). The singer creates a constant pitched basic thought-about as a drone, and at the identical time modulates the chosen overtones to create a formantic melody from harmonics.
  2.  This text explains what a Jew's harp is and its global attraction; briefly explains what we all know concerning the English language identify; seems on the archaeological evidence; considers the connection between instruments in Asia and Europe, and, finally, their likely transfer east to west.
  3.  This movie paperwork the risk hydrilla presents to Florida waterways. Captain Ken Alvarez of the Florida Board of Parks comments on the hydrilla's damaging effects on the native aquatic atmosphere. The movie explains the plant's survival traits and particulars how it spreads to new areas. The film seeks to teach viewers in stopping the unfold of the water weed to the Tennessee Valley Watershed. Produced by the Tennessee Valley Authority.
  4.  AN HISTORICAL Jew's harp belonging to the Huns, relationship again around 1,seven-hundred years, has been unearthed in Siberia - and it's nonetheless capable of making music. The ancient harp is called a jaw or Jew's harp. God desires His individuals to know their history.
  5.  Then another man adopted with the same instrument; and last got here a youth with a mouth harp. Tami Briggs' album My Piece I Give You is full of instrumental, Christian songs played on the harp. The trunfa of Sardinia is quite common in the traditional folks music of the island. This Jew's harp is far more fragile than for instance its equal in Sicily (compare nr 4 with nr 1 on photograph 1).